Brian Nishida

Who we are

Brian Nishida is an experienced and highly successful business professional with an employment background ranging from executive positions with large, publicly traded corporations, to managing a nonprofit organization, to building a family business and now to owning an entrepreneurial venture. He grew up with entrepreneurs at the dinner table and throughout his career has coached and mentored many successful business professionals. 

Because of his many years of leading vertically integrated companies, Brian enjoys bringing his hands-on experience to benefit his clients, particularly in these areas:

  • Helping Owners plan for and reach the rewards of their life-long work
  • Helping them to see their strategic planning horizon more clearly
  • Simplifying their business processes and making management easier
  • Building systems for easier management
  • Measuring the performance of their enterprise
  • Cultivating their leaders-young, old and in-between
  • Training and engaging their workforce for greater contributions
  • Building their brands, marketing their products and selling more
  • Analyzing their competition
  • Adapting or developing new products or services
  • Realizing production efficiency and reducing costs
  • Succession planning: preparing for the next generation of ownership

Brian has bolstered his M.B.A. from the University of Hawaii with life-long learning. These initiatives include as a sampling; studying with the Harvard University-Building New Ventures program, with the California Institute of Technology Manufacturing Strategies & Systems program and with training from Dr. Edwards Demming’s Quality Enhancement group.

Brian’s appointments and affiliations, past and present, reflect the spectrum of his interests:

  • Chairman & Director Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce
  • Board of Governors: Hawaii Employers Council
  • Board of Directors: Hawaii Marketing Alliance
  • Commissioner State of Hawaii-Commission on Water Resources Management
  • Board of Directors: Pineapple Growers Association of Hawaii
  • Board of Directors: Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii
  • Division Commissioner: American Youth Soccer Organization
  • Hawaii State Farm Bureau
  • Hawaii Food Industry Association
  • Professional Business Coaches Alliance

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