How Can My Company Benefit?

You are probably already using professional advisors such as an accountant, a banker and perhaps an attorney. A business owner or executive cannot be expected to be an expert in every area of business. But who do you turn to for expertise and experience in the stuff that really makes you more money? Step Stone fills the gaps with things like:

  • Making your business easier to manage
  • Gaining and keeping more customers
  • Staying ahead of your competition
  • Needing fewer workers and making those you have more effective
  • Planning for ownership transition and training the next generation
  • Addressing the emotional issues of a family-owned business
  • Finding time to have more fun 
Here’s how working with us helps you and your company grow…

We work with you, the owner, on a regular basis (weekly, semi-monthly or monthly) to strategize and plan with you, set goals, prepare action plans, and hold you accountable; to get you and your business performing at the highest levels.

We are not magicians. We will not promise that by simply hiring us that you will achieve instant prosperity. But we do promise that the dedicated application of our business programs will do FAR more to move you to your goals than any consultant, seminar, or discussion with a relative can! 

In working with us over the next year, we will help you: to see your business in a different light, organize your business, drive more people to your business, get more from your staff, and manage your finances better than you ever have previously. In addition, you will have more money and free time to do the passionate things that you enjoy, both in and outside the business.

Reasons Why Coaching May Be For You
  • It’s Lonely at the Top
    Leaders often are isolated and face huge pressures in their positions that others just can’t understand. We will be your experienced and confidential sounding board.
  • Coaching Helps Clients to Address Their Own Performance-Individually & Privately
    A coach will go right to the heart of the matter and push the client, demanding honest, revealing and thoughtful answers.
  •  Coaching Can Support Transitions
    If you have been promoted and are transitioning to become the leader of the business, coaching will guide you to successfully perform.
  • Confidentiality and Anonymity
    We firmly believe that the image of a strong, confident leader is critical to the success of our client. We vigorously preserve and protect that by tailoring arrangements to your comfort. Confidentiality is formally established and meticulously guarded.

What is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching is a professional business advisory service...READ MORE>>